After having blogged through most of my 20s I put my old blog,  Relicario, to rest. Here I am in my 30s getting back to it. I debated on what to write and decided to keep ‘first things first’, so here you go:

Real estate transactions are a BIG deal. A great way to proceed confidently is to truly understand the process. Taking time to do that however isn’t always easy. For any single component you wish to understand there are hundreds (quite literally) of articles, posts, stats, blogs, pages, and the list goes on…

Your most reliable and trusted information source should be your realtor – not because we realtors know it all (wink), but because our job starts way before (and goes far beyond) the house hunt. Our job is to filter out the noise and to provide the knowledge you need, tailored to your investment, so that you sign everything with confidence.

The end results of this type of client-realtor relationship are real estate experiences that become “feel-good” stories. Here at Windermere we have quite a few of these stories to tell. Take a look:

Now you know were to start.

Stay tuned and have an amazing week,

– Suzi

Posted on December 13, 2017 at 10:24 pm
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